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Ephira Travel Parga Greece

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Parga is a town whose ancient roots have been deeply influenced by  western civilization and culture. From the ancient years Parga has been established as a natural border between East and West and its unique beauty is internationally famous.

By  first contact with this picturesque Summer resort, which is located in the Northwest tip of the continental peninsula, the visitor is fascinated by the verdant olive groves,   the impressive mountains, which surround the town. several   beautiful beaches and isolated small  ports are

 behind wild rocks which protect them as precious stones.

The town has been built amphitheatrically behind the rock of the Venetian Castle and is presented in the front of the visitor stately.

As the visitor approaches the harbour ,an enchanting, tiny ,white city is appeared on the horizon with red roofs which remain intact even after the passing of thousands of years.

Parga is among the most beautiful towns in Greece, with traditional architecture, narrow paved lanes and island atmosphere. Here visitors from all over the world come in order to enjoy their holidays, under the Greek sky and swim in the crystal clear sea water.

The Pargians are warm and friendly people and also very hospitable to all  visitors. Although they have been greatly influenced by Western civilization and culture, Pargians managed to keep their Greek physiognomy and character thanks to their strong relations with  continental Greece.

A unique ornament of this town is the island of the Virgin Mary that dominates the scenery in the centre of the gulf and at the front of the harbour only a few meters distance from Kryoneri beach (the central beach of Parga). This small island with the white church devoted to the Virgin Mary, stands quietly in the middle of the Ionian Sea and challenges the swimmers to reach it and climb its rocks , in order to admire Parga from a different  view point .


Among the innumerable natural beauties of Parga, is the old Venetian Castle, which has been built since

1407 and has played an important role in the history of Parga .In summer time, the visitors can enjoy many cultural events, such as concerts and theatrical performances.

The harbour with the traditional and modern cafeterias, restaurants, bars, jeweler shops,

gift shops, hotels and Travel  offices, is the place where the heart of this town beats and invites the visitor to be a member of the local community, by taking part in the daily life. The central street at the front of the harbour, is popular for the daily meetings. Also it is the ideal place for visitors to drink his/her coffee and enjoy the sunset late in the evening, when the sun gets lost diving into the blue water of the Ionian sea.


The fascinating old history of Parga, which began in the 12th century, has left many historical monuments, such as the Venetian Castle, the ruins of an ancient citadel, a Mycenae grave and the relics of the ancient walls.

 the wonderful  beaches of the Ionian Sea and of the Amvrakikos gulf, are ideal for

windsurfing, surfing, skiing and diving.

In Parga, there is a great range of beaches, such as beaches with sand or pebbles, isolated beaches which are accessible only by

small boats so that they can satisfy every guest's taste.

Some of the most popular  beaches in the whole area of Parga and the surroundings are, Agios Giannakis beach, Lichnos beach, Valtos beach and Sarakiniko beach, where the visitor can admire the blue sea water meeting the blue colour of the sky.

In conclusion, Parga and its surroundings, are  interesting for those, who like walking and jogging and cycling, because there are a lot of charming routes, such as the route from Parga to Lichnos, the route from Parga to the wetland of  Kalodiki lake, the lake of Zirou and the delta of Amvrakikos, the narrows of Acheron.